Theo’s Do-g-Nuts!


Theo’s Do-g-Nuts are made with grain/gluten free flour.  They are decorated with a sugar free, yoghurt based icing and biscuit or coconut sprinkles.

Our peanut butter is 100% peanuts and does not contain xylitol or palm oil.    Our colours are of plant, vegetable or fruit based origin.

Flavours – Peanut butter, Carob, Apple and Ceylon Cinnamon.  Please state the icing colour/s you would prefer in the message box at checkout.

Delivery – £5,50

If you are able to collect from WR4, please email us at with your order.  This will save postal charges which are added on automatically at checkout.

Pack of 4 – £4.00
Pack of 8 – £7.60
Pack of 12 – £11.00

NB – please refrigerate in the box provided.  Do not use airtight container as this will cause the product to bloom. 

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